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Redefining print for the 21st century,

Mexican-born designer José Tzontlimatzi López better known in the fashion and textile design industry as JETZ, creates one of a kind pieces of Demi-Couture for an adventurous and stylish demographic.

The designer’s signature graphics

Are the result of a painstaking series of processes. He hand-draws, scans, digitally manipulates and hon an original piece of artwork over an over until he’s completely satisfied with the final result. The whole process is enhanced by the judicious use of radiant color palettes and contrast.

Our Brand

JUST JETZ premium products are designed in the United States by international award winning designer JETZ, who takes inspiration and imagination and redefines the boundaries between Design, Fashion and Art.

Magazine reviews

New to the market, JUST JETZ  Luxury apparel & accessories has burst onto the scene with its vibrant, modern and cheerful array of products  which are refined and stylish.

Printwear MAGAZINE

With an extensive variety of colors and prints to choose from, there’s no reason not to have one in your wardrobe.

Gala Fashion Magazine

...known for their unique and detail-oriented approach to design. Timeless, iconic and classic, JUST JETZ has it all covered with an array of premium, high-quality items throughout.

Sign of the Times MAGAZINE


Will definetly buy again.

The design is in the shirt! I never saw a shirt like this before is really soft and the print is part of the fabric it won't crack like regular shirts. 

Casey O'neal Dallas, TX

Awesome products.

Great selection. Always changing. Great product for the price.

Terry K. New York, NY

My new fav shirt!

I love how the design of the flattering shirts covers my gut and accentuates my shoulders and the design is equal or better to the big brand names.

Mike, Olinger Los Angeles, CA


We keep a close relationship with all of our clients to develop highly attractive pieces of design. We have placed most of these items and accessories on our website so that they are available to everyone.  That’s why in the summer of 2016 we launched an option where anyone can pick any of our product designs and ask us to adapt it into any other item that we carry. This lets us develop a closer and insightful perspective of our clients’ needs and tastes.

Are you ready for something different?

Shopping for something that pops out from the crowd can be hard work,

and can feel like there's nothing out there that can make you feel special:

That feeling like if everybody is wearing the same thing over and over again!

We feel it is a bit Boring to dress  Average nowadays, which is why our Motto is:

"We are not average but neither are you".

So Why Settle? if you can Reach for something Better.



We take pride in what we do so you can feel empowered and revitalized by wearing one of our one of a kind designs. Designs that you won't find at any regular store and that are not your regular “cookie-cutter” apparel and accessories.


It seems to us that all the sudden the fashion industry has set back leaving behind that factor that just makes people say hey I love what you’re wearing. We decided to bring back that for you in all of our products.


One of the goals when we are creating new items is to make you feel comfortable in your own skin. We want you to feel that you are ready for anything, at any time.

Tell us your story with our brand


A big family

We love collaborating and creating special custom graphics for all kinds of groups and interest. 


We love Bands

We are proud to Collaborate with a few emerging bands, Cut the Drama is a band with influences of happy punk, easy core and power-pop.


The Round Up Dancers

Dancing is a lot of fun either you are an expert or a beginner we had the pleasure to share the love with the group of line dancers of the Round Up saloon.


Cozy and Magical

What is better than staying warm at home wearing your favorite socks and letting your imagination fly?



All of our Designs start from scratch with like our basics pen, paper, sharpener and most importantly eraser on hand.


Once that we like the results of our free lines is time for us to redifined the whole thing wich means basically re do it but this time with a digital pen and a digital paper.


When we think the design has achieved our standards of quality then we have to make sure it will look as good as we originally imagined it. We double-check every single detail and requirements specific to every product we carry, so everything looks the way we wanted.


Now is the time to make it happen again. All of our products are made to order which means you get an item that was made just for you, by you. We like the idea that everything is hand crafted because it is made by our professionals step by step with their hands from sketches, designs, packaging, delivering and finally being in your hands!